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Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Andrews conferencein Ithasbecomearichtheoryrequiringtoolsfromandhaving applications to many areas of group theory. Indeed, much of this progress is chronicled by Lubotzky and Segal within their book [42]. However, one area within this study has grown explosively in the last few years. This is the study of the zeta functions of groups with polynomial s- groupgrowth, inparticularfortorsion-free?

These zeta functions were introduced in [32], and other key papers in the - velopment of this subject include [10, 17], with [19, 23, 15] as well as [42] presenting surveys of the area. The purpose of this book is to bring into print signi? First, there are now numerous calculations of zeta functions of groups by doctoralstudentsofthe?

These explicit calculations provide evidence in favour of conjectures, or indeed can form inspiration and evidence for new conjectures. We record these zeta functions in Chap. In particular, we document the functional equations frequently satis? Explaining this phenomenon is, according to the?

Avinoam Mann - Positively finitely generated groups and their associated zeta-functions

It also contains a large number of examples of groups for which these zeta functions were explicitly computed. These surely will be valuable for inspiring further developments. The book will be not only a valuable reference for people working in this area, but also a fascinating reading for everybody who wants to understand the role zeta functions have in group theory and the connections between subgroup growth and algebraic geometry over finite fields revealed by this theory.

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Zeta functions of groups and rings

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